Monkey cable Clarity Balanced Audio XLR

Clarity Balanced Audio XLR

Balanced XLR Audio connections between Source Equipment, Pre-Amp and Amplifiers.

Clarity Balanced Analogue is Audio Perfection!

Clarity balanced audio XLR interconnects follow the same professional quad-core design as our famed Concept Series XLR and then some.  With the Clarity Series XLR we have introduced our purest conductors yet in the form of 4x 21 AWG silver plated Ohno Continuous Casting conductors. That’s 18 AWG per channel of single cast silver plated copper in a double balanced configuration for near perfect sound.

Quad-Core double-balanced design for maximum signal purity creating perfect soundstage and dynamics 


Main Features

  • Quad-Core Pro Studio Geometry Design
  • 4x 21 AWG Conductors - 18 AWG Per Channel
  • Silver Plated 99.999% OCC "Ohno Continuous Casting" Conductors
  • Triple Shield Protection including 95% OFC braid
  • Quad Core twisted-pairs for studio level EMI/RFI rejection
  • 24K gold plated XLR connector pins
  • Durable polished finish metal plugs
  • 11.0mm OD

Available in 0.6m and 1.2m lengths

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Available UK and Worldwide