Monkey cable Concept Balanced Audio XLR

Concept Balanced Audio XLR

Balanced XLR Audio connections between Source Equipment, Pre-Amp and Amplifiers.

Studio Performance Balanced Analogue for Dynamic Vibrant Audio.

Concept balanced audio XLR interconnects adhere to the same quad-core design principle as found in all professional music studios. This quad-core or double balanced design with its two pairs of conductors minimises the “loop area” between twists of conductors to almost entirely eliminate electro-magnetic and radio frequency interference, so much so that it can be less than a tenth the level found in 2-core cables.

Quad-Core studio design maximises electro-magnetic and radio frequency noise rejection for pure brilliant sound. 


Main Features

  • Quad-Core Pro Studio Geometry Design
  • 4x 22 AWG Conductors - 19 AWG Per Channel
  • 99.999% Oxygen Free Copper Conductors
  • Dual Shield Protection including 95% OFC braid
  • Quad Core twisted-pairs for studio level EMI/RFI rejection
  • 24K gold plated XLR connector pins
  • Durable polished finish metal plugs
  • 9.0mm OD

Available in 0.6m and 1.2m lengths

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Available UK and Worldwide