Monkey cable Monkey Banana Plugs

Monkey Banana Plugs

Twin Screw-Lock banana plugs

Monkey Screw-Loc Banana Plugs are the perfect companion to our Silverback and Diamondback speaker cables, or any other high quality speaker cable for that matter. Designed as a Top End termination for any loud speaker system you can rest assured that at Monkey we know our Banana's. Pardon the pun.

How to Select the Right Banana Plug? Hear what our Engineer has to say…..

  1. Cable Thickness. The best banana plug is not necessarily the biggest, the most important thing is that your cable thickness is suited to your plug. Generally the better the cable fits the more surface area will make contact with the plug and hence a better contact.
  2. Termination method. Screw termination has to be favourite, especially with twin screws as this will maximise the contact from cable to plug and is the fastest most flexible method.
  3. Lastly and not the easiest to differentiate between is quality. While most banana plugs will achieve similar performance certain reference quality plugs are made with better machining, thicker gold plating and higher quality polishing which while not as important as cable selection it is still a consideration to get the best out of your equipment and cables.



Main Features

  • Twin Screw-Lock termination
  • 24K Gold plated copper body and contact pin
  • Durable polished finish copper shell
  • Suitable for all speaker cables up to 6mm OD

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Available UK and Worldwide