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HDMI Version 1.4 - the Facts!

HDMI Version 1.4 – Monkey Cable – Our Customers – the Facts!

So what does it all mean for you the Consumer? After all, you’re the one parting with your hard earned cash. Do you need the latest HDMI 1.4 cable or will your old 1.3 do? And what if 1.5 comes along anytime soon?

We aim to answer that and more! In as clear and precise a way as possible that we think will make sense to enthusiasts and novices alike.

The Versions

In order to simplify consumer choice the official HDMI Licensing LLC have done away with version numbers on cables, instead opting for the below badges. The below table should help to clarify your choice of cable.

New Official Logo
Cable Version
Our Advice
Versions up to and including 1.3 CAT 1
Monkey does NOT recommend this
cable category as it is NOT
certified to today’s
1080P TV’s
Version 1.3 CAT 2, Version 1.4 High Speed

Monkey Highly recommends this cable
category as it supports screen resolutions
and refresh rates far beyond today’s
TV capabilities

Version 1.4 High Speed

Monkey Highly recommends this cable category as it supports all the above AND Ethernet to IP enable your TV, a big feature in future developments

Monkey Cable has only ever made HDMI High Speed and NOW High Speed with Ethernet!

So will my High Speed HDMI Cable Support it?

Providing your HDMI cable is certified to at least 1.3 CAT 2 or above it will support ALL the new features available in the new High Speed (aka1.4) specification as detailed below with the exception of Ethernet and Audio Return Channel which is optional.

So What’s It All About?

We have summarized below the key developments now available in the High Speed HDMI specification and supported by all certified High Speed cables.

Bigger and Better Pictures

Just as we got used to the stunning high resolution of 1080p and today’s 40” to 50” TV’s the next generation of 70” TV screens is already knocking on the door and if your TV viewing room just happens to be big enough then your certain to benefit from the new 4K x 2K or 2160P resolution. Offering four times as many pixels as 1080P providing a sharp outstanding theatre like picture, even with the largest sized displays and home theatre screens.


3D - Bandwidth Hungry

You’ve heard the rumour, well its about to become reality, 3D movies and gaming in your home and all the major studios and gaming creators are putting their muscle behind it to be first. So what’s it all mean? Well, you might already know its about sending two separate images to your TV screen, one for each eye. The affect this will have on bandwidth is that current refresh rates of 60hz and 120hz will double to 120hz and 240hz respectively. Doubling your bandwidth requirement.

Ethernet Channel – High Speed with Ethernet only

The introduction of Ethernet over your HDMI cable will allow your TV to connect to IP enabled devices without the need for extra cables. With more and more home entertainment devices becoming IP enabled this is a big step forward.

Physically the same 19-pin cable this new technology is possible by creating a new twisted pair from the previously spare pin 14 and pairing it with “hot plug detect” pin 19 with the DDC/CEC ground connection pin 17 also functioning as the shield for the new pair. As well as Ethernet this new pair will also carry Audio Return functions. Now if there are still any Smart Alec’s out there wondering how the Ethernet can work without a sending and receiving pair then there is a full 72 page document dedicated to this subject available from

Audio Return Channel – High Speed with Ethernet only

The introduction of an Audio Return channels allows your TV if built with a receiver to send audio upstream to your A/V receiver or surround audio controller increasing flexibility and without the need for a further cable.

Content Type

Simple, automated picture setting selection with no user intervention. The Content Type feature enables a display to auto-select the correct viewing mode to match the content type it is currently receiving from a source device, and to switch modes when a new content source is selected. Content Type supports content profiles for gaming, movie, photograph, and text viewing modes.

Even better digital photography

Displaying you photos on the big screen is the perfect way to share your experiences and until now this has always been a problem due the way digital cameras capture colour and your TV reproduces it. HDMI 1.4 introduces more colour spaces so that you TV can accurately and vibrantly re-create those special moments. In addition to RGB colour, and x.v.Colour, HDMI now offers native support for sYCC601, Abobe RGB and Adobe YCC601 colour increasing the range of colours closer to those perceptible by the naked eye.