August 2011

Monkey Cable becomes an Official HDMI Associate Member

Monkey Cable is proud to announce that it has become only the sixth company worldwide to be approved as an HDMI Associate Member!


George Parnell MD of Monkey Cable said

“Becoming an Approved Associate of HDMI Licensing LLC was an important step for us. We wanted to give our customers and consumers peace of mind, when they purchase a Monkey Cable they know it’s been laboratory tested and certified to conform to the tough standards imposed by HDMI Licensing LLC. Being one of the first Associate Members is a proud moment for us and is a statement of our commitment to the HDMI program.”


So what exactly does that mean for our customers.

Put simply it’s the only true sign of conformity that a HDMI cable has been fully tested to meet the high standards set by HDMI Licensing LLC. While there may be many HDMI cables on the market not all can boast that they have passed the tough laboratory tests that are required to become a HDMI member. In fact at the time of writing Monkey Cable became only the sixth company worldwide  to be recognised under the program.

Our customers have peace of mind that when they purchase our HDMI cable it will support every HDMI feature on all equipment.


Monkey Cable becomes an Official HDMI Associate Member


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