July 2009

Monkey Cable goes Global!

The eagerly anticipated launch of Monkey Cable is finally upon us. This new player in the high end audio visual cable world is about to set new standards in both performance and affordability.

Watch out for global distributor and dealer announcements and “where to buy” information.

With the launch of its three signature series of Concept, Clarity and Connoisseur Monkey already has three great offerings and is set to make an impact in the already over crowded HDMI Interconnect market and make no mistake, these beauties are no wannabe’s, so its no surprise that they look and feel like they have been around for years, as in fact their engineering team have been !

Coming soon….

Following the successful launch of Monkey Cable and its HDMI offerings, watch out for the forthcoming release of audio visual interconnects and speaker cables.  If you need high-performance, want value for money and demand the best……..be a part of the Monkey phenomenon.



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